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            1. Hello, ShangHai Jay appropriate gifted talents Services Consulting Co., Ltd 中文 | English
              About Us
              Service advantagesYour current location : Home > About Us > Service advantages
              (1) rich resources, has the most abundant talents headhunting industry resources, more than 2 million elite talent pool;
              (2) the area subdivision segmentation - consulting areas, deep industry research provide more professional service for their respective customers;
              (3) professional team - based on industry research, a senior consultant team;
              (4) a directional search - according to customer requirements, target position in target company rapid directional search for the right person;
              (5) good results, successfully completed the leading group, including 86 fortune 86, job search of important position;
              (6) customer oriented, customer oriented, the anxious customer anxious, from the customer standpoint, as fast as I could really help customers to find the right talent truly, high effect, set the fastest successful headhunting industry recorded a week;
              (7) success rate - formally presented the success rate of more than 86.3%;
              (8) ethics, strictly abide by professional ethics, comply with industry standards, customer demand oriented; Self-serving deliberately not false packaging, not for salary increase candidate; Cooperation period don't dig client company employees, providing false information to entrap customers and interests